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Kunst Plakate / Art Posters

Rudolf Schwarzkogler Poster 1976
Rudolf Schwarzkogler Poster 1976

Neue Kunstwerke / New Artworks

Contemporary Artworks Shop Vienna

Patricia Kaliczka Painting (Oil on canvas)
Patricia Kaliczka Original Painting (Oil on canvas) Photo by Anna Lott Donadel

Bestseller Books / Art Catalogues

Contemporary Art Books Shop Vienna

Arnulf Rainer Buch / Catalogue
Arnulf Rainer Buch / Catalogue

Neue Kunst Editionen / Art Multiples

Contemporary Art Multiples Shop Vienna

Porsche Grafik by Gottfried Bechtold
Porsche Print Edition by Gottfried Bechtold
Galerie Krinzinger Wien  (Vienna)
Galerie Krinzinger Wien (Vienna)

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Experience and Knowledge in contemporary art since 1971. KRINZINGER Gallery Vienna is one of the leading contemporary art gallerys in Europe and attends at 15 international art fairs worldwide, like Art Basel (Basel, Hong Kong, Miami) Frieze, Fiac, VC, Dubai, ARCO and many more.  We promise you products from the expert in contemporary art.