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Original artworks by the amazing contamporary Omani artist who lives in London.

Radhika Khimji  art exhibition Kunst Ausstellung 2022 in der Galerie Krinzinger Wien.
Radhika Khimji Ausstellung 2022 in der Galerie Krinzinger Wien.
Artwork by the contemporary Omani artist Radhika Khimji.

Radhika Khimji - Tyres, 2019 (Kunst / original artwork 2019).


Khimjis Farbpalette scheint von der Heimat Oman mit Wüste und Felsen geprägt zu sein. Ihre Familie selbst ist in Indien verwurzelt und betreibt im Oman ein Bauunternehmen. Die Mutter Radhikas schmückt den Hausaltar, der der indischen Gottheit Shiva geweiht ist, immer wieder neu mit den Perlen.


Radhika bereitet sich mit zahlreichen Architekturskizzen auf die Ausstellungsräume vor und arbeitet dann die Kunstwerke aus. Dies wird dann aber nicht unbedingt so aufgebaut wie geplant, nein, es wird noch weiter gearbeitet bis jedes Objekt im Raum miteinander richtig korrespondiert. Dies kann auch bedeuten, dass deutlich umgearbeitet wird.

Oftmals haben dies Objekte einen kunsthandwerklichen Charakter, da sie gerne auf selbst gestalteten Holzrahmen malt, diese dann gerne mit gestrickter Wolle hinterfängt, um Ihrer Aussage nach einen zarten, femininen Touch zu erzielen. (Text: M.B.)



EN: Khimji's colour palette seems to be influenced by her homeland, Oman, with its desert and rocks. Her family itself comes from India and runs a construction company in Oman. Radhika's mother decorates the house altar, which is dedicated to the Indian deity Shiva, with pearl ornaments every day. Architectural photography (transfer printing) also makes an appearance, thus referencing her family.

Radhika carefully prepares for the exhibition spaces with numerous architectural sketches and then elaborates the artwork. However, this is then not necessarily constructed as planned. No. More work is done until every object in the space corresponds properly with each other. This can also mean that the objects are significantly reworked.

Often these objects have a character of applied art, because she likes to paint on self-designed wooden frames. The hard material then contrasts with home-knitted woollen cloths, which sometimes hang behind the object or surround it. According to her, this creates a delicate, feminine touch. (Text: M.B.)



Radhika Khimji
Tyres, 2019

oil and photo transfer on wood, wool.

33 x 36 cm. Öl und Foto-Transferdruck auf Holz, gestrickte Wolle.

Artwork / Kunstwerk: Radhika Khimji - Tyres, 2019.

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Radhika Khimji art exhibition at gallery Krinzinger in Vienna 2022

Radhika Khimji

1979, born in the Sultanate of Oman
Lives and works in Muscat and London (Oman and UK)
Radhika Khimji playfully employs methods of construction on the surface of an image, intentionally destabilizing the relationship between figure and ground to reassemble a fragmented body and make it abstract. Terms are set in flux, placing painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture up against each other to allow for a place between many polarities to emerge. Khimji has developed a collaged way of working informed by the physicality and materiality of the making process to deconstruct, evade and erase constructions of formulated identities. She borrows from surrealistic language to shift cultural stereotypes and make visible a body screened by certain censorship. According to the artist's statement, Radhika Khimji's works are 'at once a painting, a drawing and a collage' as well as 'embroidery and sculpture’.

From 1998-2002, Radhika Khimji studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and from 2002-2005 at the Royal Academy of Art, where she completed her studies with a Fine Art Post Graduate Diploma. In 2007, she graduated from UCL with a Master's Degree in Art History. After her Residency and a solo exhibition at Krinzinger Schottenfeld in 2017 and 2018,


Radhika Khimjis's works were shown at a solo exhibition at Galerie Krinzinger in 2019 and 2022. She has had solo and group exhibitions in various art institutions across the globe. Her works were shown at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Radhika Khimji is one of five artists exhibiting at the first Omani Pavillion at the 59th Venice Biennial until November 27, 2022.

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